Sofie Krog Teater presents The House

The House

25 October 2013, 7.30pm

a comedy thriller for teenagers and adults

Houses are never really separate from you, we are like museums that collect the actions and memories of those who live within our walls. From the street, my facade looks peaceful – but let me tell you the story of when I was the property of a particular family of a Funeral Home.

Destiny made sure that what had always tormented my owner’s heart, and which also made her change her last will and testament, showed up one evening at my door.

Seen from my side – from the inside – this night turned into a horrifying nightmare. Death I was used to, but here it was like a tunnel had opened; a tunnel from Hell to Heaven. My rooms housed events that not even death could stop, but which one little soul did all to change.

Unemployed: £4
Adult: £6
Senior: £4
Student: £4

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